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The UNICORN NETWORK NFT is a collection of 10000 unique UNNTOKEN, unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. UNN TOKEN offers the world’s information on Twitter.

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unicorn network nft

Exclusive Collection

UNN is a collection of 10,000 UNN NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. Your NFT UNNs are also used to participate in games to earn nfts

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Here are some examples from the collection, the nfts will be minted randomly and will have the same starting value.

Road Map

To parents made headline the feedback connections

Freemint and freegas to the first 350 registered on the website

After the first 350 registered, we launch the freemint of 1000 UNNtoken nfts

Once the 1000 nfts, we will regularly offer UNN nfts to the most active member on opensea and twitter.

Once the 1000 nfts are minted, the community will choose the timing and the number of nfts to create.

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